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Happy Birthday, Cancerians!

"Home is the hotspot of well-being!"

"Sometimes it's just nice to get back to your roots, isn't it?" Cancerians lot of protection when they shed their shells - without their shells, they are completely defenseless. They love to return to a space they can call their own. Their home and close bonds give them a sense of safety and security.

Many Cancerians are passionate foodies. They love to cook and, of course, to eat! The energy of Cancer helps us to connect deeply with our feelings, put down strong roots and nurture our family nest."

An exciting and promising new year of life begins for Cancerians. After the past few years have been characterized by change and hard work, the longed-for peak is now within reach. The efforts of recent times, letting go of the past and self-development are finally paying off and the well-deserved reward awaits.

Cancerians start the new year with the best stars. Romantic highs are expected in June, July, August, October and February in particular, while a long-forgotten love could resurface around the birthday. Openness to new developments could bring surprising and beautiful twists and turns.

Professionally, a huge career leap is on the cards. Cancers are known for their hard work and this year of life will see this recognized and rewarded accordingly. Saturn will help you to build and stabilize successful projects. This is the time when professional dreams become reality.

Health is not neglected either. Despite your ambitious goals, it is important to treat yourself to some time out. Regular wellness days should be firmly planned into your calendar to maintain balance and enjoy your successes to the full.

Start the year full of opportunities and unforgettable moments!

Fashion facts:

Gemstones: Aquamarine, rock crystal, yellow jasper

Fabrics: linen, silk and cotton

Colors and patterns: trendy colors, also multicolored, trendy patterns

Make-up: natural

Perfume: fruity, fresh fragrances, never too heavy


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