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Happy Birthday, Leos!

Ruling planet: Sun - They are the children of the Sun!

The Leo - radiant, courageous and with a touch of drama! The red carpet is his home. He strides through life with determination and playful ease, as if every day were an adventure waiting to be discovered. His energy is infectious and he is not afraid of a challenge. Fearless and determined, he faces every obstacle that comes his way. He walks through life with regal grace and expects the world to fall at his feet. But despite his flamboyance and self-confidence, the Leo is also generous and warm-hearted. He loves to embrace those around him and bring joy to others. His generosity knows no bounds and he likes to share his radiance with everyone around him.

What does the near future hold?

Get ready, because the spotlights are on you! Solar years are really lucky years for Leo. With Jupiter by your side, always bringing you new opportunities, things couldn't be better. Your magic word this year is openness. Stay flexible and welcome change with open arms. Because right now, the doors to exciting new opportunities could open.

The summer months are the best time for adventure and travel. You want to discover new places, try out exciting activities and live out your passion for adventure. This time is also a great opportunity to relax and recharge your batteries. Early fall is the ideal time to take care of your health and well-being. You could start a new fitness routine and change your diet.

You should take the end of the year easy and reflect on what you want to change. In love, the pre-Christmas period will be promising. You will start the new year 2025 with a lot of momentum and new ideas. But wait to implement them, because from March 2025 onwards, you will be unstoppable and everything will almost take care of itself.

It is important that you are prepared to let go and change, then you will be on the winning track.

Fashion Facts

Gemstones: citrine, diamond, yellow tourmaline, yellow flourite

Fabrics: velvet, sequin fabric, cashmere, brocade, silk

Colors and patterns: gold, metallic, red, white

Make-up: glamor

Perfume: flowery, powdery fragrances


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